For Love

For a few minutes you made me feel like I actually meant something to someone... 

For Love, is a dark blue comedy. 

The chronicles of three Dublin women adrift in modern day Dublin seeking sex, deliverance and in danger of going under.


The play premiered Off Broadway at the Irish Repertory Theatre in New York City. Followed by a national tour incorporating Northern Ireland: Derry, Belfast & Dublin, Waterford & Galway.



“For Love, is a riotously tart and fiercely energetic production…it might be called “Bad Sex and the City.” But that would be reductive. It is much, much more….the play — a dramedy, really... plunges straight into Ireland’s fraught urban present… pungent, expletive-laden dialogue, delivered in the taut cadences of the north Dublin suburbs…Ireland’s economic state hovers like a dark cloud over the proceedings…But when these frenemies wind up, almost Beckett-like, in a field at night searching for an expensive lost brassiere, it’s clear that no derelict male or dire recession can threaten the bond they share.”  ★★★★★NY Times Critics' Pick

"A vivacious play from the young Irish writer Laoisa Sexton…Contemporary Dublin oozes from the pores of Sexton’s impressive script…The production comes with a purpose, certainly... Moreover, it represents a change of pace for the stage. It might reflect a form of female emancipation, but it is proactive in the liberation of theatre" ★★★★★THE SUNDAY TIMES

"This fast, funny play is bound to strike a chord with any woman who’s ever looked for love in the wrong places, and that’s a wide pool indeed" ★★★★NY POST

"In addition to writing such a sexy, salty, sharp script, Sexton skillfully charts Bee’s difficult trip on the road to self-esteem" ★★★★Backstage

"FOR LOVE has a refreshing courage and depth of honesty that is both funny and convincing... Sharp, funny….Laoisa Sexton's play starts with a bang…Sexton's writing doesn't let up a bit…It’s tightly constructed, hilariously performed, strongly directed, and brought a fresh take to stories of 30-something friendship and sex…"For Love" remains the only play I've ever seen in which a man trying to seduce a woman ends up getting her off, and not himself. That's hard to write in a review, and I can't fathom the courage it took to write it and then act the scene, as Laoisa Sexton does. She's a force to be reckoned with.” ★★★★IRISH EXAMINER

"FOR LOVE takes us on a whirlwind tour of contemporary Dublin... that is so authentic and casually funny that it disarms you from the very first scene...highly crafted, smart but straight from life...Sexton's female characters are the most interesting and most recognizably Irish I have seen on a stage in years!” ★★★★IRISH VOICE

“For this is Sex and the City naked, stripped to the bone in a recession-ravaged Dublin… … For Love: Sexton’s play hits a raw nerve in our increasingly self-centred and emotionally impoverished society” ★★★★IRISH THEATRE MAGAZINE

"Sexton’s straight from Irish life language, her preoccupation with how sex can reveal our deeper nature, and her awareness that a moment of well timed humor can defuse almost any situation, marks her out as a new star of the Irish theater, and is a welcome rejoinder to the increasingly almost all-male world of Irish highly produced playwriting"  ★★★★ IRISH CENTRAL

“For Love” is aptly described as “a dark blue romantic comedy.” There are, literally, no holds barred and it’s laugh-out-loud funny, especially in the raunchy-gone-wrong scenes… it’s interesting fodder for thought on our own misguided fumblings toward true connection. The play is also nuanced, acknowledging men denied tenderness, craving cuddles, as well as women with voracious sexual appetites…the play shows very much a working-class slice of Irish life”  ★★★★IRISH ECHO

World Premier at Irish Repertory Theatre

Written by Laoisa Sexton      Produced by The Irish Repertory Theatre.

Producing directors: Ciaran O' Reilly and Charlotte Moore

Laoisa Sexton