For Love

For a few minutes you made me feel like I actually meant something to someone... 

Written by Laoisa Sexton                                  Directed by Tim Ruddy

Produced by The Irish Repertory Theatre.

Producing directors, Ciaran O' Reilly and Charlotte Moore

Featuring Georgina Mc Kevitt & Laoisa Sexton

For Love, is a dark blue comedy. 

The chronicles and sexual lives of three economically challenged women from Dublin, told from deep down in the trenches.


"A riotously tart and fiercely energetic production" ★★★★★NY Times Critics' Pick

"A vivacious play from the young Irish writer Laoisa Sexton…Contemporary Dublin oozes from the pores of Sexton’s impressive script…The production comes with a purpose, certainly... Moreover, it represents a change of pace for the stage. It might reflect a form of female emancipation, but it is proactive in the liberation of theatre" ★★★★★THE SUNDAY TIMES

"In addition to writing such a sexy, salty, sharp script, Sexton skillfully charts Bee’s difficult trip on the road to self-esteem" ★★★★Backstage

"FOR LOVE has a refreshing courage and depth of honesty that is both funny and convincing" ★★★★IRISH EXAMINER

“For this is Sex and the City naked, stripped to the bone in a recession-ravaged Dublin… … For Love: Sexton’s play hits a raw nerve in our increasingly self-centred and emotionally impoverished society” ★★★★IRISH THEATRE MAGAZINE

Laoisa Sexton